[isabelle] effect of declare in Isar

I understand from the Isabelle/Isar conversion guide that

declare zless2p zle2p [simp] ;

should add these theorems to the current simpset, just like
the ML function call

Addsimps [zless2p, zle2p] ;

However it doesn't seem to work quite so, since in the following code

lemmas zless2p = zless2 [THEN zero_less_power] ;
lemmas zle2p = zless2p [THEN order_less_imp_le] ;
declare zless2p zle2p [simp] ;

ML {*
val zless2p = thm "zless2p" ;
val zle2p = thm "zle2p" ;
Addsimps [zless2p, zle2p] ;

the ML section is necessary, since, without it, subsequent proofs in my theories don't work.

Can anyone tell me exactly what the Isar declare command does?



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