[isabelle] Host of TPHOLs 2008: Solicitation of bids

21st International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics

Last weekend, the first phase of the host selection process (solicitation
for bids) for TPHOLs 2008 ended. Currently, there is only one bid for
TPHOLs 2008. If no further bids are received in this week, we will skip the 
voting phase and accept the current bid.

However, if you like to submit an additional bid, send a short email to 
tphols2007 at informatik.uni-kl.de until 25 Feb 2007. Please include at least 
the following information: name and email address of a contact person, names 
of other people involved, approximate dates the conference will be held, 
format of the conference and colocation details (if any).

Previous bids may be accessed through the TPHOLs webpages. Please refer to the 
TPHOLs 2008 Host Selection page 


Jens Brandt

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