[isabelle] isatool make for document preparation

I want to prepare a pdf using isatool make, (with isabelle 2005)

> isatool mkdir HOL MySession
> isatool make

Everything ok up to now, some pdf has been created

> cp somewhere/A.thy MySession/
> echo 'use_thy "A";' >> MySession/ROOT.ML

Now A.thy should be in the session

> isatool make
Now I get the output:
make: Für das Ziel »default« ist nichts zu tun.
in english: Nothing to do for target »default«

Also, if I do the first "isatool make" after I have added A.thy, and
then change A.thy later or add other theories, isatool make tells me
that  there is nothing to do and does not regenerate anything.
What am I doing wrong ? Currently the only way I know to get something
regenerated is  to brute-force do: rm -r ~/isabelle, and so delete every
intermediate info of "isatool make"

Thanks in advance for any hints
  Peter Lammich

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