Re: [isabelle] Segmentation faults when running PolyML

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Ricardo Peña wrote:

> I am copying below part of the message from Ewen Maclean on 19.10.2005:
> > I noticed in the archives many problems reporting the segmentation 
> fault with the latest polyml.
> > I managed to get isabelle to build with polyml 4.1.4 by using the 
> 4.1.4 driver and the 4.1.3 database.

These problems may be avoided altogether by using Poly/ML 5.0. See also on how 
to make it work with Isabelle2005.

The latest CVS version of Poly/ML should also work, but make double sure 
that Isabelle sees ML_SYSTEM=polyml-5.0, not 5.1 as reported by Poly/ML.


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