Re: [isabelle] help

It happened with me once, but i`m not sure i remember what to do.Try open the file `Makefile` found at /usr/local/ProofGeneral and edit all fields containing `xEmacs`, changing it for `Emacs`. I`m not sure it`s gonna fix your problem, but i remember many bugs were fix when i`ve tried it, and your message is very familiar. Then you must recompile.You could be more precise about your Emacs version, and bla bla bla. =)I also tried some versions of Emacs where `the little Belle` did`t work. Probably your version simply don`t support Belle.Regards,Lucas Cavalcante> >     When Isabelle was run , the error> -"/usr/local/ProofGeneral/generic/proof-autoloads.elc was not compiled> in Emacs "was show.Why is it? > > *************************************************
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