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Subject: [isabelle]  question on ISAR, printing theory file
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I have recently started to learn Isabelle/ISAR. I have the following

1) The following is an extract from my theory file and partial output in
(the lines in the script file have been prefixed by #):

#case A

goal (show, 1 subgoal)
1. A ==> B --> C

#assume "A"
#assume "B"
#show "U"

when I replace U with "C", "B --> C" or "B ==> B --> C" an error is
generated. What should
the form of U be in order to not generate an error?

2) Suppose my theory file is mydoc.thy. Because I am using ProofGeneral
the theory file is full of terms \<forall> \<exists> etc..

Is there a simple way of generating a dvi/pdf file to obtain a printable
version of my proof script with the proper symbols?

Thanks for any help.

Revantha Ramanayake.

Please refer to Chapter 4 of the Isabelle/HOL Tutorial. It has a nice
description of how to do this sort of thing. Indeed, this is a major plus
point of using Isabelle that you can create your proof documents very

I've written a small step-by-step howto on using "isatool make" -- isabelle
tool for generating PDFs. Take a look at it here:

Might I also interest you in a great Isabelle course offered at the
University of Insbruuk by Dr. Clemens Ballarin:
It has slides and exercices.

You would do great by going through the Isabelle/HOL tutorial and the course
before posting on the list. I know from experience. :)

Nauman ...

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