[isabelle] Problem running Isabelle on Sparc/Solaris

I want to run Isabelle on a Sparc/Solaris system.
I followed the installation instructions on the website, and then did

[pergolesi] ~/opt $ ./Isabelle/bin/isabelle-process
Poly/ML RTS version Sparc-4.1.4 (14:22:29 Nov 14 2005)
Copyright (c) 2002-5 CUTS and contributors.
Running with heap parameters (h=81920K,ib=16384K,ip=100%,mb=20480K,mp=20%)
Mapping /u/plamm_01/opt/Isabelle2005/heaps/polyml-4.1.4_sparc-solaris/HOL
Mapping /u/plamm_01/opt/Isabelle2005/../polyml/sparc-solaris/ML_dbase
/u/plamm_01/opt/Isabelle2005/lib/scripts/run-polyml: line 126: 22670 Segmentation Fault "$POLY" $ML_OPTIONS "$(fixpath "$DB")"

The same is when I start it from within ProofGeneral.

What can I do now ? Where is the problem and how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance for any help
-- Peter (who has no idea of polyml impl. details or sparc/solaris architecture)

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