Re: [isabelle] Problem running Isabelle on Sparc/Solaris

Makarius wrote:

Alternatively, you can try polyml-5.0.  See and

To avoid root access (for /usr/local/bin etc.) you can compile polyml like this:

 ./configure --prefix=/tmp/polyml --without-x
 make install

polyml-5.0 seems not much better, the make-process of polyml-5.0 itself fails with a segfault:

creating polyimport
./polyimport -H 10 imports/polymlsparc.txt < exportPoly.sml > /dev/null
bash: line 1: 4552 Segmentation Fault ./polyimport -H 10 imports/polymlsparc.txt <exportPoly.sml >/dev/null
*** Error code 139

but I think that is stuff to be solved by the polyml-guys and further discussion is off-topic for this list. Unfortunately, this error is not documented in the FAQ, and the mailing-list archive is restricted, so I have no access to it (unless I subscribe to the mailing list). Perhaps a polyml-list subscribers can forward this message there ...

-- Peter Lammich

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