Re: [isabelle] Isabelle on a Mac running linux

 > I'm trying to install Isabelle on an Apple Powerbook running linux. I've 
 > got a working copy of Poly/ML from the polyml site

I somehow overlooked that you are on linux, too.
(Now I have my coffee...)

I tried this on my home machine and don't remember how far I got
with Isabelle2005 -- I am afraid it failed in the end,
since PolyML 4.14 would actually require some porting effort
to be able to mmap() the ``database'' to a fixed address.

(To get all files for PolyML 4.14,
you have to dive more deeply into the PolyML (download) website.)

I did get the development snapshot to work with PolyML 5, though.
(Are you running a 32bit userland on a ppc64?
 Then you possibly either have to run it within a ``linux32'' shell,
 or (better) you have to manually set the system identifier in etc/settings
 to the variant without ``64''.)


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