[isabelle] REMAINDER: TPHOLs 2010: Call for Votes

Just a remainder: the vote for TPHOLs 2010 ends on Monday, November 11.
So if you haven't voted yet, please do so.


TPHOLs 2010: Call for Votes

It is a long-standing custom that the host for Theorem Proving in Higher
Order Logics (TPHOLs) is determined by a vote of the TPHOLs community. This
email is about TPHOLs in 2010. It is necessary to hold this vote now
the host for 2009 has been determined) because one option is to join FLoC
(Federated Logic Conference) 2010, which requires longer-term planning. At
TPHOLs 2007 in Kaiserslautern, a Steering Committee (SC) was formed (see
below) and it is this SC who is holding this vote. The SC proposes 3
alternatives for organizing TPHOLs 2010:

A) TPHOLs merges with the normally standalone conferences
 CADE, FroCoS, FTP and TABLEAUX to create IJCAR,
 a sub-conferences of FLoC 2010. The arrangement would be similar to
 IJCAR 2006: http://www.easychair.org/FLoC-06/IJCAR.html.
 Characteristics: 1 joint PC, 1 joint proceedings.
 The details would be negotiated by the TPHOLs SC.

B) TPHOLs merges one time with the ACL2 Workshop to become
 a sub-conference of FLoC 2010. For past ACL2 workshops see
 Characteristics: 1 joint PC, 1 joint proceedings.
 The details would be negotiated by the TPHOLs SC.

C) TPHOLs remains separate, does not participate in FLoC, and is
organized in
the traditional manner by a call for hosts and a vote in 2008/09.

FLoC will take place in Edinburgh. The other FLoC sub-conferences will be

Anyone who is seriously considering attending TPHOLs 2010 is entitled to
vote. The voting procedure employed will be Single Transferable Vote
To vote please send an email to tphols2010 at lists-sop.inria.fr in the
following format:

First choice for TPHOLs 2010
Second choice for TPHOLs 2010
Third choice for TPHOLs 2010

Your Name

Each choice should be one of A, B, C.  It is possible to omit the second
third choices to indicate no preference. Including your name is for the
purpose of preventing ballot stuffing: all votes will remain secret. The
deadline for voting is 11/11/07.


Mike Gordon
John Harrison
Matt Kaufmann
John Matthews
Tobias Nipkow
Michael Norrish
Lawrence Paulson
Klaus Schneider
Sofiène Tahar
Laurent Théry

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