[isabelle] Problems installing Isabelle

Dear patner,

I am a student from the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid". I am trying to install the program Isabelle in my Power PC (Mac OS X, 10.4.10) but I have some problems. I have managed to run Isabelle but in the X11 window instead of the XEmacs window. At the bottom of the X11 window appears the following message: "File `/usr/local/ ProofGeneral/generic/proof-autoloads.elc' was not compiled in Emacs". I have already installed the XEmacs with the Fink application but it seems not to run properly.

Do you know where the problem could be? I suppose you are really busy but if you could give me a hint or help me in anyway I would be really thankful.

If you are not the correct person to whom I should write but you know someone that could help me, could you please tell me who?

Thank you very much in advance

Lidia Sánchez Gil

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