Re: [isabelle] Problems installing Isabelle

To quote from the Proof General FAQ: < >:

Q. Proof General fails to load with an error message on start-up:

error: "File `.../ProofGeneral/generic/proof-autoloads.elc' was
not compiled in Emacs"

What's wrong?

A. We distribute .elcs for GNU Emacs, so you will have to delete
them and (optionally) recompile for XEmacs. Using the Makefile:

Use 'make clean' to remove all .elc files.
Use 'make compile' to recompile .elc files.

Check that the Makefile sets EMACS to your Emacs executable
(or simply run 'make compile EMACS=emacs')

Larry Paulson

On 13 Nov 2007, at 12:07, Lidia wrote:

I am a student from the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid". I am trying to install the program Isabelle in my Power PC (Mac OS X, 10.4.10) but I have some problems. I have managed to run Isabelle but in the X11 window instead of the XEmacs window. At the bottom of the X11 window appears the following message: "File `/usr/local/ ProofGeneral/generic/proof-autoloads.elc' was not compiled in Emacs". I have already installed the XEmacs with the Fink application but it seems not to run properly.

Do you know where the problem could be? I suppose you are really busy but if you could give me a hint or help me in anyway I would be really thankful.

If you are not the correct person to whom I should write but you know someone that could help me, could you please tell me who?

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