Re: [isabelle] Transitivity reasoning and eta-expansion

On Wed, 14 Nov 2007, Peter Lammich wrote:

> I want to do transitivity reasoning. So I declare the transitivity lemma 
> as [trans]. The problem is now, that everything works until I have a 
> reflexivity step. In this case, the goal gets eta-expanded at the next 
> 'also', causing the transitivity reasoner to fail.

Eta-expansion should not be a problem here, because higher-order 
unifications works module eta (and alpha and beta).  You should be able to 
compose these facts manually, using something like

  thm ah_leq.trans [OF fact1 fact2]

The reason why 'also' fails is different: due to the reflexivity step in 
the chain, there is no progress in the calculation.  Such facts are 
filtered out from the sequence of possible results -- an empty sequence is 
left over.

The deeper reason why this is done is higher-order unification again: 
certain pathological cases of substitution result in no-progress steps.  
The filtering scheme nicely circumvents this.  So you merely loose 
reflexivity (which is not very interesting anyway), but gain many useful 
applications of substitution (of equalities or inequalities).


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