[isabelle] Tools and Techniques for Verification of System Infrastructure (Announce)

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  Tools and Techniques for Verification of System Infrastructure
    A Festschrift in honour of Prof. Michael J. C. Gordon FRS

      March 25-26, 2008, Royal Society, London

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In today's increasingly computer-based society, crucial
infrastructure---such as programming languages, compilers, networks,
and microprocessors---needs to meet a very high standard of
correctness in order to deliver the necessary quality and reliability
for applications. One way to achieve the necessary level of assurance
is to use formal specification and proof. Tool support for this
approach has steadily grown in sophistication and power, to the point
where the specification and verification of important system
infrastructure is an emerging fact.

To survey the state of the art and discuss future possibilities and
challenges, we are pleased to announce a two day research meeting, to
be held in honour of Professor Mike Gordon on the occasion of his 60th
birthday.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26
March 2008 at the Royal Society, London.

The following speakers will present their research:

   Mike Gordon, Cambridge University
   John Harrison, Intel
   Sava Krstic, Intel
   Xavier Leroy, INRIA
   Tom Melham, Oxford University
   Robin Milner, Cambridge University
   J Moore, University of Texas at Austin
   Tobias Nipkow, Technical University of Munich
   Michael Norrish, NICTA
   Larry Paulson, Cambridge University
   Peter Sewell, Cambridge University
   Laurent Thery, INRIA

An important part of the meeting will be poster presentation sessions,
in which attendees may present their research.  Detailed information
about how to submit an abstract for a poster presentation, and to
register for the meeting, will be announced in due course.

Organizing Committee:

  Richard Boulton, Icera
  Joe Hurd, Galois
  Konrad Slind, University of Utah

For all enquiries about the Festschrift, please use the email address info at ttvsi.org

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