Re: [isabelle] Problem with Leopard and XEmacs

Hi Peter,
I'm new with Isabelle, and last Friday I tried to install it for the first time.
To obtain the XEmacs interface, I type:


If I type only isabelle, it run the X11 window.
I hope that my aid works for you.


Il giorno 26/nov/07, alle ore 10:20, Peter Chapman ha scritto:


I've recently obtained Leopard, and the new version of Isabelle, and have got it all set up, except that when I type /usr/local/bin/ Isabelle, it opens up in an X11 window rather than in XEmacs (but proof general is already pre-loaded). XEmacs seems to work fine if you start it on its own; I've downloaded the version, via macports, which is suggested on the Isabelle website. On my old computer, I had used the fink installer, which installed xemacs in


whereas macports installs it in


So, after it didn't work, I created a symlink in /sw/bin, and then recompiled proofgeneral (I didn't know if this was necessary, but it didn't seem to harm anything; afterwards it all worked to the same standard as before, i.e. without XEmacs). I then tried editing the makefile that comes with ProofGeneral, but this was less than successful. Does anyone know if there is a variable in one of the various settings files that I can set so that my installation knows where XEmacs is?



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