Re: [isabelle] Problem with Leopard and XEmacs

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My last attempt to use Isabelle on a Mac (CVS snapshot of Isabelle, 2
weeks ago) resulted in me being happiest with Carbon Emacs (thanks to
David Aspinall for the suggestion), so I'd recommend that - it's a mac
native package, and you can install proof general for it easily (see
proof general webpage).

Don't know if other people have different experiences?


Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> I don't understand how you can be runnning PG without XEmacs. Do you
> mean it is in GNU emacs in an XTerm window? I didn't know that was
> possible.
> Anyway, when I installed Leopard, I noticed that MacPorts software no
> longer worked. The simplest way to update your MacPorts setup
> (especially if you only want XEmacs) is to delete /opt, then install a
> fresh copy of Macports, and finally install XEmacs by
>     sudo port install xemacs +mule +sumo
> If you have an old copy of /sw lying around, definitely delete that
> first. It can't be wise to use Fink and Macports at the same time.
> Larry Paulson
> On 26 Nov 2007, at 09:20, Peter Chapman wrote:
>> I've recently obtained Leopard, and the new version of Isabelle, and
>> have got it all set up, except that when I type
>> /usr/local/bin/Isabelle, it opens up in an X11 window rather than in
>> XEmacs (but proof general is already pre-loaded).  XEmacs seems to
>> work fine if you start it on its own; I've downloaded the version, via
>> macports, which is suggested on the Isabelle website.  On my old
>> computer, I had used the fink installer, which installed xemacs in
>> /sw/bin
>> whereas macports installs it in
>> /opt/local/bin
>> So, after it didn't work, I created a symlink in /sw/bin, and then
>> recompiled proofgeneral (I didn't know if this was necessary, but it
>> didn't seem to harm anything; afterwards it all worked to the same
>> standard as before, i.e. without XEmacs).  I then tried editing the
>> makefile that comes with ProofGeneral, but this was less than
>> successful.  Does anyone know if there is a variable in one of the
>> various settings files that I can set so that my installation knows
>> where XEmacs is?

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