[isabelle] PEPM 2008: abstracts due Oct 12

                  PEPM 2008
           ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on 
  Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation
       January 7-8, 2008, San Francisco
Keynotes by Ras Bodik (Berkeley) and Monica Lam (Stanford)
              Co-located with POPL


PEPM is a leading venue for the presentation of 
cutting-edge research in program analysis, program 
generation and program transformation. Its proceedings
are published by ACM Press; full details of the 
scope, submission process, and program committee
can be found at the above URL.

The program committee would particularly welcome
submissions from

researchers in automated reasoning 

on any topic relating to

verification of compiler optimisations

Abstracts are due on October 12, and the deadline for
full paper submission is October 17.

Prospective authors are welcome to contact the program
chairs, Robert Glueck (glueck at acm.org) and Oege de Moor 
(oege at comlab.ox.ac.uk) with any queries they might have.

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