[isabelle] problem with the last development snapshot

Hi all,

I m trying to install the last development snapshot of Isabelle. Somehow I get the following error:
Started at Thu Sep 20 17:44:31 BST 2007 (polyml-4.1.4_ppc-darwin on cslttk.swan.ac.uk)
Building Pure ...
Finished Pure (0:00:55 elapsed time, 0:00:34 cpu time)
Building HOL ...
Run out of store - interrupting console processes
(see also /usr/local/share/Isabelle_20-Sep-2007/heaps/ polyml-4.1.4_ppc-darwin/log/HOL)

       (bstring * xstring * bool) list ->
       Context.theory * Thm.thm -> Context.theory * Thm.thm
    val quiet_mode : bool ref
structure SpecificationPackage : SPECIFICATION_PACKAGE
Loading theory "ATP_Linkup" (required by "Main" via "Map" via "List" via "PreList")
*** Interrupt.
*** At command "theory" (line 9 of "/usr/local/share/Isabelle_20- Sep-2007/src/HOL/ATP_Linkup.thy").
*** Error in ROOT.ML
*** Exception- TOPLEVEL_ERROR raised

make: *** [/usr/local/share/Isabelle_20-Sep-2007/heaps/ polyml-4.1.4_ppc-darwin/HOL] Error 1

Any advice?



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