[isabelle] CfP: MathUI 2008: Mathematical User Interfaces Workshop at MKM'08


                Mathematical User-Interfaces Workshop 2008

        at the Seventh Mathematical Knowledge Management Conference
              University of Birmingham, UK, July 27th 2008


Building on the success and interest of its predecessors, the MathUI
workshop aims at bringing together researchers to share about the
mathematical facets of user-interfaces.

The explosion of remote communication tools, both discussion or
publication oriented, has shown that computers are rich enough to carry
most messages. Mathematical communication has not been at rest with the
many standards and tools around. User-interfaces that encompass these
communications are most diverse but their user-side is crucial for the
communication to happen well. The MathUI workshop proposes a place of
exchange and presentation for investigations in mathematical
user-interfaces, including:

- presentation and manipulations mathematical knowledge
- workflows induced by mathematical knowledge representations
- interactions in the communication of mathematical content
- user studies with MKM tools or other mathematical interfaces
- novel, original or downright funky interfaces to mathematics software
- interactive mathematics


We are seeking submissions of either papers on and/or demonstrations
of user interfaces for mathematics. Videos, prototypes, mock ups and
any other sort of demonstration are welcome! Proceedings will be online.
Submission format: article of 3-8 (printed) pages, in HTML or PDF
format, which may include other electronic presentations such as videos
or animations complemented by an abstract of less than 150 words.


Either submit a paper by email until May 31st 2007,
or submit an abstract on May 20th 2007 and a paper on June 7th.
Expect an answer on June 25th 2007.
Enjoy the workshop on July 27th


We will have a mix of talks and demos followed by a demonstration
session when we will get a chance to look and interact more closely
with people's work.


(to be confirmed):

- David Aspinall,  University of Edinburgh, Scotland
- Paul Cairns, University of York, Great Britain
- Olga Caprotti, University of Helsinki, Finland
- Anthony Jameson, DFKI GmbH and International University, Germany
- Norbert Kajler, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, France
- Paul Libbrecht (organizer),DFKI GmbH, Saarbruecken, Germany
- Robert Miner, Design Science Inc., Long Beach, California, USA
- Elena Smirnova, Texas Instruments Inc. Education Technology, USA


  See the web-page at

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