[isabelle] Last Call for Bids: TPHOLs'2009


For the moment there is only one bidder from Germany and if by April 21
there is no new bid sent to tphols08 at ece.concordia.ca, this bidder will
organize the 2009 conference.

Details of the bid:
 contact person: Tobias Nipkow (nipkow at in.tum.de)
 names of other people involved: Makarius Wenzel, Stefan Berghofer, Christian Urban
 address of website for the bid:  http://tphols.in.tum.de/
 approximate dates of the conference: 17 to 20 August 2009
 format of the conference: four days conference including a half-day excursion.

TPHOLs'2008 Organizing Committee

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