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Dear all,

we proudly present another recent paper:

Achim D. Brucker and Lukas Brügger and Burkhart Wolff.
Model-based Firewall Conformance Testing. In Testcom/FATES 2008.
LNCS 5047 Springer-Verlag, 2008.

Firewalls are a cornerstone of todays security infrastructure for networks. Their configuration, implementing a firewall policy, is inherently complex, hard to understand, and difficult to validate. We present a substantial case study performed with the model-based testing tool HOL-TestGen. Based on a formal model of firewalls and their policies in HOL, we first present a derived theory for simplifying policies. We discuss different test plans for test specifications. Finally, we show how to integrate these issues to a domain-specific firewall testing tool HOL-TestGen/FW.

PDF: http://www-wjp.cs.uni-sb.de/publikationen/brucker_TestCom_2008.pdf

Comments and Discussions are welcome!

Burkhart (& Achim & Lukas)

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