[isabelle] TPHOLs becomes ITP

The steering committee and business meeting of TPHOLs 2008 in Montreal last week agreed on the following change of names: TPHOLs will become ITP (Interactive Theorem Proving) not just in 2010 (as had already been agreed) but that name change will become permanent after 2010. It was felt that the broader scope of ITP is a more accurate reflection of the actual focus of TPHOLs and its openness to other communities like ACL2 users.

Note that although ITP 2010 formally incorporates the TPHOLs and ACL2 Workshop series, no such commitment has been made beyond 2010; the new agreement is only about changing the name.

This is not a formal vote, but if you have strong objections to this decision, please address them to the TPHOLs Steering Committee by replying to this email. We will try to take your arguments into account.

Tobias Nipkow
TPHOLs Steering Committee chair

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