Re: [isabelle] Strange errors after processing theory file

Your problem is almost certainly caused by the postprocessing phase, which makes the theorems you have just proved available to sledgehammer. If you send me your theory file, I can try to identify which theorem is to blame. As an emergency measure, you can execute

ML{*ResAxioms.suppress_endtheory := true*}

If you do not use sledgehammer, you can leave this setting as the default.


On 16 Dec 2008, at 00:03, Dr. Brendan Patrick Mahony wrote:

I am having a strange event when importing a theory. It processes
fine, then there seems to be some problem with registering it as
processed, namely ~2000 lines a MATCH warnings/errors. A partial trace
from a ProofGeneral session follows, but it does not appear to be
ProofGeneral specific as the warnings turn up in a build log as well.

\<^sync>ProofGeneral.inform_file_processed "/home/mahonyb/work/ver/ REP/
HiVe_Isa08/mathKit/Equipotence.thy"; \<^sync>;
%a b c d e. e =?= ?P48 z
%a b. b =?= ?P23 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P22 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P21 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P20 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P19 z
%a b. b =?= ?P18 z
%a b. b =?= ?P17 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P16 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P15 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P14 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P13 z
%a b. b =?= ?P12 z
%a. a =?= ?P11 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P10 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P9 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P8 z
%a b c. c =?= ?P7 z
%a b. b =?= ?P6 z
%a. a =?= ?P5 z

etc etc etc

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