Re: [isabelle] simp and type variables

You could try sledgehammer, which doesn't care about the orientation of equations. Of course, it doesn't simplify: you get either a full proof or nothing.

On 12 Feb 2008, at 16:25, Elsa L Gunter wrote:

Dear Isabelle Users,
Is there a way in Isabelle to specialize the type variables in a theorem to type expressions using the type variables of a goal context? And in particular, can this be combined with simp? I have a frequently arising situation where I have a set of theorems of the form "e1('a) = e2('a, 'b)" and I wish to rewrite using these. That is, I have equations where there are more type variables on the right than on the left (think "True = \<all> x. x = x"). simp will not use the equations as rewrites. As a result I am forced to use fairly low level reasoning with ssubst (or at least I seem to be). However, often times, I want to use a specialization of my equation to "e1(('c,'d)tyc) = e2(('c,'d)tyc, 'c)". This equation would be accepted by simp. But the only way I know of creating this lemma is by using "lemma" and proving it separately. But I have many different such specializations, each of which will like be used only once. This seems to me to be just where you want to use [of ... ] or the like to inline the specialization into an ongoing proof. Since I can see no way of doing so, I thought I should ask if I am missing something.

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