Re: [isabelle] Syntax and inductive_set

Tom Ridge wrote:
Dear All,

I am trying to move old inductive set defns to Isa07 inductive_sets. I need to include syntax translations, e.g.


But this is not currently accepted by Isabelle07. How can I define reduce, but introduce syntax _ ---> _ for it at the same time?

Dear Tom,

by using inductive instead of inductive_set, you can directly define
reduce without any syntax translations:

  inductive reduce :: "t => t => bool" ("_ ---> _" 50)

If for whatever reason your theory depends on reduce being a set, note that
inductive_set as well as inductive allow translations and introduction
rules to be specified simultaneosly, i.e. you can write something like

    reduce :: "(t * t) set"
    and reduce' :: "t => t =>  bool" ("_ ---> _" 50)
    "(t1 ---> t2) \<equiv> (t1, t2) : reduce"
  | ...

There is also a quite lengthy section in the NEWS file entitled "New package
for inductive predicates" that describes how to port your inductive definitions
to the new format.


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