Re: [isabelle] Running cygwin isabelle from windows Gnu Emacs

Dear Mitchell,

> rem @echo off
> rem set ISATOP=/usr/local/Isabelle2007
> rem set ISALIB=%ISATOP%/lib
> set ISABINWINDOWS=C:\Cygwin\usr\local\Isabelle2007\bin
> rem set ISABIN=%ISATOP%/bin
> rem set PATH=%PATH%;%ISABIN%
> rem set HOME=%HOMEPATH%
> bash %ISABINWINDOWS%\isabelle-process %1 %2 %3

one possible solution: use cygwin path convention for ISABINWINDWOS,
e.g. /cygdrive/c/Cyhwin/usr/local/Isabelle2007/bin

> PS: Yes, I've tried running isabelle-interface-- this pops up a Gnu Emacs
> under X and starts Proof General, but I get File mode specification error:
> (file-error "Searching for program" "no such file or directory"
> "C:\\cygwin\\bin\\tcsh.exe") .  Since I use my native Windows emacs for
> everything else, I'd like to pursue that line first.

This indeed sounds very strange since Isabelle only relies on bash, not
tcsh.  Have you tried Cygwin/XEmacs?  E.g by "isabelle-interface -p
xemacs"?  Cygwin/XEmacs is known to work with Isabelle/PG reasonably
whereas there are no experience reports for Cygwin/GNUEmacs

Hope this helps


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