Re: [isabelle] Running cygwin isabelle from windows Gnu Emacs

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Mitchell Wand wrote:

> When I do this, I get the following in the *response* buffer:
> *** Exception-
> ***    ERROR "Illegal character(s) \":\" in path element specification:
> \"c:\""
> ***    raised
> *** At command "ML_command".
> It looks like I'm actually reaching some part of the isabelle system, but
> something is finding a Windows path when it's looking for a cygwin path.

> PS: Yes, I've tried running isabelle-interface-- this pops up a Gnu Emacs
> under X and starts Proof General, but I get File mode specification error:
> (file-error "Searching for program" "no such file or directory"
> "C:\\cygwin\\bin\\tcsh.exe") .  Since I use my native Windows emacs for
> everything else, I'd like to pursue that line first.

Last time I've checked our packages from the Isabelle download area did 
work on Cygwin out of the box, either with GNU Emacs 21.x and XEmacs 21.x.  
You should make sure that Proof General is the one from our site!  I did 
not try GNU Emacs 22 on Cygwin, but it works on Ubuntu Linux.

Your attempt at using a windows version of Emacs is very unlikely to 
succeed.  I've never seen it work, and what I known from the internals of 
the whole arrangement it would require a lot of extra efforts (there are 
very few native windows users out there).


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