Re: [isabelle] Running cygwin isabelle from windows Gnu Emacs

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 3:49 AM, Florian Haftmann <
florian.haftmann at> wrote:

> > PS: Yes, I've tried running isabelle-interface-- this pops up a Gnu
> Emacs
> > under X and starts Proof General, but I get File mode specification
> error:
> > (file-error "Searching for program" "no such file or directory"
> > "C:\\cygwin\\bin\\tcsh.exe") .  Since I use my native Windows emacs for
> > everything else, I'd like to pursue that line first.
> This indeed sounds very strange since Isabelle only relies on bash, not
> tcsh.  Have you tried Cygwin/XEmacs?  E.g by "isabelle-interface -p
> xemacs"?  Cygwin/XEmacs is known to work with Isabelle/PG reasonably
> whereas there are no experience reports for Cygwin/GNUEmacs

And Markarius said:

Last time I've checked our packages from the Isabelle download area did
> work on Cygwin out of the box, either with GNU Emacs 21.x and XEmacs 21.x.
> You should make sure that Proof General is the one from our site!  I did
> not try GNU Emacs 22 on Cygwin, but it works on Ubuntu Linux.

OK, you guys have convinced me to try running emacs from cygwin. -- I can't
imagine how I'd get the X-symbol stuff to work via windows.

Interestingly, putting (setq debug-on-error t) didn't seem to work, but I
eventually figured out that the reference to tcsh.exe was coming from my
Windows SHELL variable.  Changing that to /usr/bin/bash worked like a
charm.  I now have what appears to be a working isabelle/GnuEmacs21.2/cygwin

Now all I have to do is find the time to play with it.



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