[isabelle] Isabelle Usage Problem


Till now, I was using Isabelle in Windows platform
using the virtual machine installation. It was working
fine for some time. However, now I find Isabelle to be
very slow in processing the theories and giving
results. Is there any way to improve this performance?

Now I have installed Isabelle in a Linux Fedora Core 2
platform and I am having some problems in using it.
When I try to use Isabelle for processing some theory,
I am getting the following message.  
[root at jitter bin]# ./isabelle
error while loading shared lib raries: libstdc++.so.6:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or
director y
Unknown logic "HOL" -- no heap file found in:
I tried looking at the exising topics and using the
suggestions regarding this issue, but still I am
unable to resolve it. I think the problem is ployml is
looking for some library, which it is not able to
find. Is polyml dependent on some libraries which
needs to be installed? It would be of great help to me
if some one can provide me a solution for this


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