[isabelle] CL&C - Call for participation

                      CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


                     International Workshop on
                  Classical Logic and Computation

                     Sunday, July 13, 2008
                      Reykjavik, Iceland

           Affiliated workshop of ICALP, July 6-13, 2008

CL&C'08 is the second of a new conference series on "Classical Logic
and Computation". It intends to cover all work aiming to explore
computational aspects of classical logic and mathematics.


   Helmut Schwichtenberg        LMU Munich

   Stephane Lengrand            LIX Polytechnique


   Dan Hernest and Trifon Trifonov:
   Light Dialectica Revisited

   Stefan Hetzl, Alexander Leitsch, Daniel Weller and
   Bruno Woltzenlogel  Paleo:
   Herbrand Sequent Extraction

   Richard McKinley:
   Herbrand expansion proofs and proof identity

   Makoto Tatsuta, Ken-etsu Fujita, Ryu Hasegawa and Hiroshi Nakano:
   Inhabitance of Existential Types is Decidable in
   Negation-Product Fragment

   Steffen van Bakel, Luca Cardelli and Maria Grazia Vigliotti:
   From X to pi; Representing the Classical Sequent Calculus
   in the `p-calculus


   James Brotherston and Cristiano Calcagno:
   Classical Logic of Bunched Implications

   Willem Heijltjes:
   Proof Forests with Cut-Elimination Based on Herbrand's Theorem

   Ozan Kahramanogullari:
   Ingredients of a Deep Inference Theorem Prover

   Diana Ratiu:
   An Application of the Refined A-Translation for a Variant of
   the Infinite PHP

   Alexander Summers:
   A Curry-Howard Correspondence for a Canonical Classical
   Natural Deduction


   Steffen van Bakel            Imperial College London
   Ulrich Berger                Swansea, chair
   Stefano Berardi              Turin
   Paola Bruscoli               Bath
   Thierry Coquand              Chalmers
   Fernando Ferreira            Lisbon
   Michel Parigot               Paris VII
   Aldo Ursini                  Siena

REGISTRATION   Follow the link on the workshop web page

CONTACT  u.berger at swansea.ac.uk

Kind regards,
Ulrich Berger

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