[isabelle] Accouncing HOL-TestGen 1.4

We are happy to announce release of  

                  HOL-TestGen, version 1.4.0
HOL-TestGen is a is a  test case generator for specification based unit 
testing. HOL-TestGen is built on top of the specification and theorem 
proving environment Isabelle/HOL. 

The main changes of this release are:
* based on Isabelle 2008,
* a new benchmarking framework,
* HOL-TestGen/FW, a domain-specific test case generator for
  specification-based firewall conformance testing, and 
* new examples and case studies.

HOL-TestGen can be downloaded (source code and binary packages for
Debian GNU/Linux) from:

Kind regards, 
     the HOL-TestGen team

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