Re: [isabelle] Separating function declaration from implementation

> You are right. This is why primrec will also change its syntax to the
> simultaneous style. The new syntax, which works just like "function", is
> already supported (and preferred) in the developers version.
> Eventually, primitive "const" declarations will mostly disappear from
> user theories, and you will use the "definition", "inductive",
> "primrec", "function"... packages, which all share a common syntax.

It is worth noting that future Isabelle versions still technically will
permit to separate constant declaration from constant definition by
means of the overloading target:

consts foo :: "'a => 'a"

  foo == "foo :: 'a => 'a"

definition foo :: "'a => 'a" where
  "foo x = x"


thm foo_def

Obviously, this only works on the theory level (not in locales etc.).
Presumably this was one reason to sacrifice the separation of consts and
 defs on the Isar level.



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