Re: [isabelle] Proofs involving Integers

If you are looking for a theorem involving a specific pattern, press the big "Find" button, type in the pattern (in this case "_*(_+_)" or something similar), hit return, and admire the result: a list which will include your desired theorem, should it exist. In your case: int_distrib (from theory.... Int!)


George Karabotsos schrieb:

I am having trouble proving the following lemmas that involve integers.
For example, the following:

lemma "-(x * (i + (1::int))) = - ((x * i)+x)"


lemma "- (x * (i + (1::int))) + x = - (x * i)"

I was looking for a distribution rule for mult. and add. to try to simplify these lemmas but I was not able to locate something appropriate.

Any help is appreciated.



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