Re: [isabelle] Case split for inductive definitions in Isar

On Fri, 23 May 2008, Peter Chapman wrote:

> I have a proof in which I wish to perform a case split as the proof method.

For Isabelle2007 see the isar-ref manual section 4.3.5 "Proof by cases and 
induction", especially page 100, which gives an overview how the 
cases/induct methods select the rules being used in a proof.

For eliminating inductive set membership "x:A", the basic idiom is like 

  from `x:A` have "P x"
  proof induct
    case (blah a b c)

Assuming the usual declarations produced by the Isabelle/HOL packages, 
this will use the A.cases rule as expected (A.exhaust is an obsolete name 
for that).  These rules rarely need to be referenced explicitly by name 


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