Re: [isabelle] journals on theorem proving

You can consider Formal Methods in System Design (FMSD), and Journal of Applied Logic (JAL) as examples.

On May 26 2008, li yongjian wrote:

  Could you please also introduce some journals that relates the
fielf of applying theorem proving technique to verfication of
hardware, security, software?


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The primary journal in the field of theorem proving is the Journal Of
Automated Reasoning. There is also the ACM Transactions On
Computational Logic. The Journal of Computer Security is not primarily
concerned with theorem proving.
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On 23 May 2008, at 03:46, li yongjian wrote:

Dear all:
 Recently, our library request us to provide some information on the
field of journals on theorem proving .

 Could you please provide some international journal
on theorem proving or security.

From Larry's work on trace theory on security protocol, I know

Journal of computer security.

But could you please provide more, which either publish papers on
theorem proving or security, or theorem proving techniques or relating
the two things?

Thanks in advance.

Yongjian Li

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