[isabelle] PhD Positions in Language-based Security at Chalmers

*PhD Student Positions in Programming Language-based Security*
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Application deadline: January 30, 2009

Full version of this announcement is at:

*The Department*

The department provides a strong, international, and dynamic research
environment with about 75 faculty members. For more information, see

*PhD Project*

The PhD students will join a world-leading team of researchers on
*programming language-based security*. Language-based security
facilitates specifying and enforcing security policies at the level of
programming languages early in the software design and construction

Drawing on the recent progress in this area, the goal of the positions
is to pursue the following directions of work:

* To design *rich security policies* for confidentiality and
integrity, as demanded by practical applications (such as web
applications). These security policies should be formal: they
should operate at the level of programming-language semantics.
* To develop *practical enforcement mechanisms* for these policies
in expressive programming languages (such as web languages). These
enforcement mechanisms may combine static (for example, type
system-based) and dynamic (for example, execution
monitoring-based) techniques.
* To support the above with case studies in web-application security.

In pursuing these goals, there are possibilities for collaboration with
our high-profile academic and industrial partners.

*Details about Employment*

PhD student positions are limited to five years and will then normally
include 20 per cent departmental work, mostly teaching duties. Salary
for the position is as specified in Chalmers? general agreement for
PhD student positions, currently around 23,000SEK a month before tax.

The positions are intended to start in spring or fall 2009.

*Suitable Background*

Applicants must have a degree in Computing Science or in a related
subject with a strong Computing Science component. They must also have
a strong, documented interest in doing research. The ideal student for
the project will have strong background in both programming languages
and security.

You may even apply if you have not yet completed your degree, but
expect to do so before the position starts.

In order to improve gender balance, Chalmers welcomes in particular
applications from female candidates.

*How to Apply*

Application can be submitted electronically following the
"Application details" and "Application procedure" guidelines at:

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