[isabelle] CADE-22 final call for workshop and tutorial proposals

                             CADE 2009
      The 22nd International Conference on Automated Deduction
                Montreal, Canada, August 2 - 7, 2009


              Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

CADE 2009 is the 22nd International Conference on Automated Deduction,
the premier conference on all aspects of automated deduction.  Topics
covered range from theoretical foundations to high-performance
implementations in a wide variety of logics and logical theories, with
applications in areas like verification and artificial intelligence.

Workshop and tutorial proposals for CADE 2009 are solicited.  Both
well-established workshops and newer or brand new ones are encouraged.
Similarly, proposals for workshops with a tight focus on a core
automated reasoning specialization, as well as those with a broader,
more applied focus, are very welcome.

1. Workshop Proposals

  Please provide the following information:

  + Workshop title.
  + Names and affiliations of organizers.
  + Brief description of workshop goals and/or topics.
  + Proposed workshop duration
       (from half a day to two days is possible).
  + If the workshop has met previously, please include the conference
    affiliation for the previous meeting. If the workshop is new,
    please indicate so.

  The CADE organizers plan to make available a small amount towards
  partial reimbursement for travel expenses of invited speakers.
  Also, CADE will take care of printing and distributing informal
  proceedings for workshops that would like this service.

2. Tutorial Proposals

  Tutorials are expected to be half-day events.  Tutorial proposals
  should provide the following information:

  + Tutorial title.
  + Names and affiliations of organizers.
  + Brief description of the tutorial's goals and topics to be
  + Whether or not a version of the tutorial has been given

  CADE will take care of printing and distributing notes for
  tutorials that would like this service.

All proposals should be sent via email in plain text to the Workshop
and Tutorial Chair (astump at cs.uiowa.edu), for consideration by the
CADE 2009 organizers:

 Brigitte Pientka (McGill University), General Chair
 Renate Schmidt (University of Manchester), Program Chair
 Carsten Schuermann (IT University of Copenhagen), Publicity Chair
 Aaron Stump (The University of Iowa), Workshop and Tutorial Chair

Important dates:
 Deadline for proposal submissions:            December 7, 2008
 Acceptance/rejection notification:            January 7, 2009
 Workshop dates:                               August 2-3, 2009

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