[isabelle] ALICS workshop at LPAR

*ALICS* - Applications of Logic in Computer Security
LPAR 2008 workshop, November 22, Doha, Qatar



Organizer: Catherine Meadows, NRL
Submission deadline: October 24, 2008
Submission: 1-5 pages abstract
Web: http://chacs.nrl.navy.mil/projects/ALICS08


ALICS is intended to be an informal workshop devoted to the applications
of logic in computer security. This workshop is intended for
presentation and discussion of work in progress and the discussion of
emerging and foundational ideas. We are interested in all aspects of the
application of logic to computer security. Applications of interest
include security policy, access control, security protocols, information
flow, but we are also interested in new and as yet untried applications
of logic to different areas of computer security. We are also interested
in discussion papers that raise fundamental questions and/or suggest new
lines of research in this area.  Work that has already appeared or is
under consideration by other venues is welcome. No formal proceedings is
planned, but accepted abstracts will be posted online.

Program Committe and Organizers:

Catherine Meadows, Naval Research Laboratory, USA (Workshop Organizer)
Andreas Bauer, Australian National University, Australia
Heiko Mantel,  TU Darmstadt, Germany
Mike Mislove, Tulane University, USA
Dusko Pavlovic, Kestrel Institute (USA) and Oxford University(UK)
Luca Vigano, University of Verona, Italy

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