Re: [isabelle] First public release of my VIm-Interface for Isabelle

On Mon, 20 Oct 2008, Jens-Wolfhard Schicke wrote:

> as a die hard VIm-User who wanted to use Isabelle/HOL for his diploma thesis,
> I have (with some help from Timothy Burke) produced the following file:

Although I am not a user of vi, I've had a brief look at it.

Concerning unicode rendering of Isabelle symbols, you might be interested 
in the semi-official table

Also see the still somewhat experimental IsabelleMono font at which is 
also based on Vera, but fills most mathematical code points with glyphs 
from Computer Modern (TeX).

In your "isabelle" script, did you actually mean to invoke the tty 
interface, which includes a readline wrapper (if configured)?  A raw 
process with Isabelle/Isar toplevel can be started like this:

  isabelle-process -I


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