[isabelle] Invitation to attend the Summer Schools in Logic and Learning

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An Open Invitation to attend the

Summer Schools in Logic and Learning

26 January to 6 February 2009

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

One of the grand challenges in science and engineering is to build
computer systems that are trustworthy and intelligent. While achieving
this goal could be many decades away, computer systems are clearly
getting smarter and more reliable year by year and human society is
becoming more reliant on exploiting their increasing intelligence.
Logic and machine learning are two indispensable parts of the efforts to
meet this challenge.

Join us for a new summer school experience where you have a unique two
week opportunity to combine the solid foundations of logic and machine
learning, with an introductory track in artificial intelligence in the
second week.

Courses are taught by some of the world’s leading computer scientists
and blend practical and theoretical short courses with lectures and
demonstrations in state-of-the-art computer facilities at ANU.

Courses and Speakers

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Logic Courses

Machine Learning Courses


Fees and Registration


More information

If you would like to discuss this invitation in more detail,
including advice on suitable candidacy, please go to:

The Summer Schools in Logic and Learning are supported by

Dr Tiberio Caetano, Convener
Professor John Slaney, Convener
Dr Alwen Tiu (Acting Convener)
Diane Kossatz
Michelle Moravec

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