[isabelle] transitive closure

Transitive_Closure.thy defines 

   trancl :: "('a × 'a) set => ('a × 'a) set"  ("(_^+)" [1000] 999)
   for r :: "('a × 'a) set"
     r_into_trancl [intro, Pure.intro]: "(a, b) : r ==> (a, b) : r^+"
   | trancl_into_trancl [Pure.intro]: "(a, b) : r^+ ==>
	(b, c) : r ==> (a, c) : r^+"

but this doesn't seem to work right with new style relations, e.g. 

  term "(less :: nat => nat => bool)^+"

produces a type error.  Is there a transitive closure operator for new
style relations?


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