Re: [isabelle] Re2: how to transform *.thy to *.pdf in Isabelle?

On Sun, 5 Apr 2009, Jens Doll wrote:

The Isabelle font is a nuisance on Windows machines. Dspdf.dll says, it
could not receive data from the font.
Some tests with FontCreator found evil characters: CB, CC, CD, 15C until
161 and 16C.
There are also a lot of intersecting components and extreme coordinates in
the glyphs.

What exactly do you mean by "The Isabelle font"?  Which file?

If you refer to the semi-official ttf versions that are shipped with Proof General and recent Isabelle distributions: they have been produced with fontforge, see

Maybe you can figure out some options to fontforge to make windows complain less.


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