[isabelle] Call for contributions to MathUI 09

                   Call for Papers: MathUI'09
             Mathematical User Interfaces Workshop 2009
      at the MKM conference, July 6th, Grand Bend Ontario Canada


  MathUI has elected Marko Panic as guest speaker to talk about the
  formula handwriting recognition as bundled in betas of Windows 7.

  - May 1st for abstract then 15th for full
  - or May 8th for full
  - workshop on July 6th

  TOPICS include

  - presentations on manipulation of mathematical knowledge
  - workflow studies based on mathematical applications
  - user studies on the effectiveness of interfaces
  - interactive teaching and testing
- novel, original or downright funky interfaces to mathematics software
  - interactive mathematics generally

Further information: http://www.activemath.org/workshops/MathUI/09/

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