[isabelle] Unicode tokens

I posted on this list a while ago about trouble using Emacs 23 with
X-Symbol.  The solution I decided to go with was to continue using
Emacs 22 (with Isabelle 2009 and Proof General 3.7.1).  This was fine
at home, but this week my university upgraded to Emacs 23.

There was some suggestion of using Unicode tokens with Emacs 23, so I
tried that today.  Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with my <^sub>s
disappearing, causing Isabelle to balk at some of the files I'm
editing.  Has anyone seen this problem before?  Does anyone know how I
might try to fix it?  If not, I could ask the university to give me an
Emacs 22 to use, but this doesn't seem like a good long-term solution.


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