Re: [isabelle] Unicode tokens

I recommend using GNU Emacs 22 (Gtk if available) with PG 3.7.1. This is definitely not a long term solution, but the PG 4 branch (required for Emacs 23) hardly works at the moment.

I think that's a bit unfair. There are (I'm told) bad problems with Emacs 23 on some non-Linux platforms, but these are not the fault of PG 4.

There are minor glitches with PG 4 but it is still under development, so I need people to try it out. Please try it (on Emacs 22 or 23) and report problems at Please try to provide decent test cases for problems as I can't investigate reports like "messages are sometimes duplicated" or "Emacs 23 runs slowly".


 - D.

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