Re: [isabelle] Unicode tokens

David Aspinall wrote:
I think that's a bit unfair. There are (I'm told) bad problems with Emacs 23 on some non-Linux platforms, but these are not the fault of PG 4.

There are minor glitches with PG 4 but it is still under development, so I need people to try it out.

I agree that PG 4 needs more testers, but using it *does* create new problems, including regular synchronization losses. I am using it for daily work at the moment, which is possible, but I have to restart from time to time. I have reported the specific problems that I could nail down, and most have been fixed (thanks, David), but it still breaks regularly. This is on a Linux platform with GNU Emacs 23.1.1.

In the end, everybody must find out what works best for him...


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