[isabelle] AFP 2009-1

The Archive of Formal Proofs is now updated to the latest Isabelle release. All entries from the main page work with Isabelle2009-1, old versions remain accessible from the individual entry pages.

With the update come two new entries:

A Fast SAT Solver for Isabelle in Standard ML
by Armin Heller


This contribution contains a fast SAT solver for Isabelle written in Standard ML. By loading the theory DPT_SAT_Solver, the SAT solver installs itself (under the name ``dptsat'') and certain Isabelle tools like Refute will start using it automatically. This is a port of the DPT (Decision Procedure Toolkit) SAT Solver written in OCaml.


Formalizing the Logic-Automaton Connection
by Stefan Berghofer and Markus Reiter


This work presents a formalization of a library for automata on bit strings. It forms the basis of a reflection-based decision procedure for Presburger arithmetic, which is efficiently executable thanks to Isabelle's code generator. With this work, we therefore provide a mechanized proof of a well-known connection between logic and automata theory. The formalization is also described in a publication [TPHOLs 2009].


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