Re: [isabelle] Haskell Code Generator Problem with Tuple_isomorphism and (string_classes)

Hi Peter,

> When using records and the (string_classes) option, the Haskell code
> generator generates the following code (in module Record):
> [...]
> data Tuple_isomorphism a b c = TupleIsomorphism (a -> (b, c)) ((b, c) -> a)
>   deriving (Read, Show);
> [...]

the (string_classes) option indeed has never been used widely, and it is
a little bit crude (although after having a look at the code I must
admit that it is broken now altogether).  If there is really a "proper"
use of this, I have to think about a inner-logical solution to the
problem (which is not that difficult).

If this issue is mission-critical for you now, we can discuss possible
solutions separately from the mailing list.




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