[isabelle] Early registration deadline - PEPM'10


* Early registration deadline: December 22, 2009
* Hotel registration deadline: December 28, 2009

                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                  ACM SIGPLAN 2010 Workshop on
     Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM'10)
                  Madrid, January 18-19, 2010

                   (Affiliated with POPL'10)


Abstracts of all papers and presentations are available from the
above web site.


* Lennart Augustsson (Standard Chartered Bank, UK)
  Title: O, Partial Evaluator, Where Art Thou?

* Jeremy G. Siek (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)
  Title: General Purpose Languages Should be Metalanguages.


* Nabil el Boustani and Jurriaan Hage.
  Corrective Hints for Type Incorrect Generic Java Programs.

* Johannes Rudolph and Peter Thiemann.
  Mnemonics: Type-safe Bytecode Generation at Run Time.

* Elvira Albert, Miguel Gomez-Zamalloa and German Puebla.
PET: A Partial Evaluation-based Test Case Generation Tool for Java Bytecode.

* Martin Hofmann.
  Igor II - an Analytical Inductive Functional Programming System.

* José Pedro Magalhães, Stefan Holdermans, Johan Jeuring and Andres Löh.
  Optimizing Generics Is Easy!

* Michele Baggi, María Alpuente, Demis Ballis and Moreno Falaschi.
A Fold/Unfold Transformation Framework for Rewrite Theories extended to CCT.

* Hugh Anderson and Siau-Cheng Khoo.
  Regular Approximation and Bounded Domains for Size-Change Termination.

* Évelyne Contejean, Pierre Courtieu, Julien Forest, Andrei Paskevich, Olivier Pons and Xavier Urbain.
  A3PAT, an Approach for Certified Automated Termination Proofs.

* Fritz Henglein.
Optimizing Relational Algebra Operations Using Generic Equivalence Discriminators and Lazy Products.

* Adrian Riesco and Juan Rodriguez-Hortala.
  Programming with Singular and Plural Non-deterministic Functions.

* Martin Hofmann and Emanuel Kitzelmann.
  I/O Guided Detection of List Catamorphisms.

* Andrew Moss and Dan Page.
  Bridging the Gap Between Symbolic and Efficient AES Implementations.

* Christopher Brown and Simon Thompson.
  Clone Detection and Elimination for Haskell.

* Stefan Holdermans and Jurriaan Hage.
  Making "Stricterness" More Relevant.

* Arun Lakhotia, Davidson Boccardo, Anshuman Singh and Aleardo Manacero Júnior.
  Context-Sensitive Analysis of Obfuscated x86 Executables.

* Xin Li and Mizuhito Ogawa.
  Conditional Weighted Pushdown Systems and Applications.

* Ivan Lazar Miljenovic.
  The SourceGraph Program.

* Florian Haftmann.
  From Higher-Order Logic to Haskell: There and Back Again.


* Andy Gill, Garrin Kimmell and Kevin Matlage.
  Capturing Functions and Catching Satellites.

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