Re: [isabelle] xemacs

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009, Gergely Buday wrote:

> Makarius wrote:
> > Please excuse the ugly look-and-feel of XEmacs, we are trying hard to get
> > rid of it in the near future.
> I'm using fedora 10, the built-in xemacs did not work, gnu emacs did.

This is also my experience: most xemacs packages of current Linux 
distributions are unusable.  Many people have switched to GNU Emacs 22 / 
Gtk already.

> What do you mean by getting rid of xemacs? Is the eclipse plugin on the 
> way?

First of all, the (unfinished) 4.0 branch of Proof General is for GNU 
Emacs only, no longer XEmacs.

Concerning Eclipse, I have personally dismissed it altogether after 
extensive comparison with alternatives, notably Netbeans 6.x (not 5.0 or 

Right now we are working on some new prover interface technology that is 
meant to be "generic" to some extend -- it will work with usual Swing 
things, and is implemented in Scala/JVM.  Our main platform for 
experiments is jEdit, which is quite nice and small enough to get things 
done relatively quickly.


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